Rowe & Sitzler, LLP 

Rowe & Sitzler, LLP 


We practice the type of law you need. Our attorneys make Bedford our home, and we understand the legal issues that keep people awake. At Rowe & Sitzler, LLP, we provide experienced representation on a wide range of legal matters, from family law and personal injury cases to criminal defense, wills and estate issues and even traffic offenses.

Nearly 60 Years Of Combined Legal Experience

Lawyers at our firm have practiced law in this area for decades. We know the concerns that face our clients as well as the Virginia courts, judges, prosecutors and opposing attorneys. This knowledge is important, because while justice may be blind, the judges all have eyes. We can provide the practical guidance you need to quickly resolve your legal issues and get on with your life.

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We Practice The Law You Need

Most people in Bedford County have little experience with the courts and lawyers. But when something happens and you suddenly find you need an attorney, we can help. We focus our practice on the areas of law that most people may encounter, including:

  • Family law
  • Personal injury
  • Criminal defense
  • Traffic offenses
  • Wills
  • Powers of attorney
  • Estate litigation

Our lawyers are lifelong residents of Bedford, and we like living here and helping people with their all too real legal problems. We recognize the importance of these issues. If you have been hurt in a crash, obtaining the compensation you need is critical.

No Case Is More Important

If you are suffering in a marriage or need to modify your child custody agreement, nothing is more important than resolving that. And if you have been arrested, a conviction or even a loss of your license can be immensely damaging. We get that, and we can help.

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Legal difficulties are best taken care of sooner rather than later. We can help you resolve a broad range of legal matters effectively and efficiently. Call our Bedford office at 540-425-3013 or use our convenient online form.