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Showing You The Way Forward

Uncertainty and confusion are the worst things you can feel when it comes to your family’s legal situation. From divorce to criminal charges to planning for your legacy, you need to have a clear understanding of what’s ahead of you.

At Rowe & Sitzler, LLP, that’s just what we provide. Since 2004, attorney Emily Rowe Sitzler has been a steady, confident and trusted member of the Bedford community. She guides families and individuals through legal struggles with clarity and skill. When you need to know what’s ahead, turn to us.

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Big-Time Results. Small-Town Values.

Founded in 2004 by attorney Sitzler and her father, Rowe & Sitzler, LLP, has a deep appreciation of the community. She knows the people she works with well and understands how their values guide their lives. She listens to you and helps you understand the nature of Virginia law in matters such as:

  • Family law: Divorces, child custody, juvenile law, mediation and prenuptial agreements
  • Estate planning: Wills, trusts guardianships, adoptions and probate representation
  • Criminal defense: DUIs, assault, domestic violence and drug crimes

However, when it comes time to take on the issues that matter, Emily Rowe Sitzler takes charge. She builds a strategy to pursue the results you need. She is thorough and diligent, and able to take creative angles in the cases she takes.

Clarity And Compassion

Often when you deal with the law, everything is a little bit confusing, from the language down to the ways to resolve a matter. That confusing nature comes from the hope of creating clarity for individuals, in theory. Most people, however, don’t really understand what’s ahead.

Attorney Emily Rowe Sitzler takes on the legal complexities of the situations ahead of you and shows you what it means in plain, standard English. She answers your questions and helps you understand the path ahead as fully as you deserve.

Ready To Get To Work

Your legal issues are always going to be extremely stressful, but you don’t have to face that stress on your own. Attorney Sitzler has the experience and knowledge to guide you forward through these difficulties. Contact the office to schedule a meeting at 540-795-2631 or use this online form.