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Helping You Understand Your Family Law Problems

When you have to go to a Virginia court to deal with family law issues, it’s important to know what you’re walking into. It is more than just a courtroom. It’s a representation of the law and possibly the most complex and divisive area of the law at that.

At Rowe & Sitzler, LLP, attorney Emily Rowe Sitzler has the experience and skill to answer all your questions. Since 2004, she has been a consistent and trusted guide to people from Bedford County facing the complexities of Virginia family law. She takes steps to properly inform you of your legal situation and options so you can make informed decisions.

Helping You Take Back Control

Uncertainty in your legal situation is a loss of control. You can’t make the right choice if you don’t know what is going on. Looking at legal issues that impact your family and not having any kind of control like that is going to bring you a great deal of pain.

However, you do not have to face these issues without skilled representation and advice. Attorney Rowe Sitzler will explain to you all the intricacies of such matters as:

  • Divorce
  • Juvenile
  • Child custody
  • Mediation
  • Child support
  • Prenuptial agreements

By fully explaining the needs and legal realities of each piece of your situation to you, you gain more control over your future.

Advocacy When It Matters Most

Building an effective case takes a great deal of skill. When you turn to our team, attorney Emily Sitzler takes on the difficulties of building your case so you can focus on your life. She works diligently in your meetings with her to understand your needs.

And then, based on your decisions, she formulates a strategy and pursues it with vigor and professionalism.

Respect. Care. Commitment.

When you turn to us, we treat you with the respect that you have earned for all your hard work. We put you first and pursue your goals with care and determination. Learn about how we can make a difference for you by calling 540-795-2631 or sending us an email.