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Rowe & Sitzler, LLP 

Suffered A Personal Injury?

Dealing with a personal injury can be difficult. You have been hurt and then must deal with the insurance industry that is focused on making your claims as difficult as possible and paying as little in claims as they can get away with. Our attorneys at Rowe & Sitzler, LLP, can help you recover the compensation you need when you have been injured through no fault of your own.

Auto Accidents

If you live in Bedford County, you likely drive or ride in a vehicle on a regular basis. Unfortunately, convenient and essential as they are for transportation, car, truck and motorcycle accidents also produce a significant number of serious injuries every year. Negligence causing truck and car accidents comes in many forms in Virginia, from speeding and distracted driving to drunk drivers or those who are driving on too little sleep.

These Claims Are Often Complex

Car or truck accidents are rarely straightforward. Identifying the cause of the crash may be a problem, as negligent drivers often deny they were distracted or intoxicated. It may be necessary to obtain discovery involving their phone records.

Insurance companies look for any justification to deny a claim, and they may leave policyholders confused. We can help. Our attorneys can recognize intentional patterns of delay and denial by these companies, and we can help to ensure your claims are properly filed.

Time Limitations

There are also statutes of limitation that will bar you claim if you wait too long. You want to speak with an attorney as soon as possible after an accident to prevent this from damaging your claim.

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Negligence law is complex and challenging, especially if you are recovering from injuries suffered in a crash. Our lawyers have the experience to help you obtain the compensation you need. Call our Bedford office at 540-425-3013 or use our convenient online form.