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Rowe & Sitzler, LLP 

Traffic Offenses Are A Threat To Your License

Traffic offenses often seem minor. It’s just a ticket and just paying seems the easiest option. This time. But traffic tickets can add up. Virginia uses a point system, where every ticket generates a few points charged against your license. Too many points and suddenly your license can be revoked. And a license revocation can bring havoc to your life: how do you get to work, school, the doctor or the store?

Our attorneys at Rowe & Sitzler, LLP, can help prevent a little ticket from becoming a big problem. If you live in Bedford County or are just passing through, we can help you deal with a moving violation, ranging from speed and reckless driving to a DUI.

We Know The Law And The Courts

One thing that often surprises clients is the differences between courts. Courts, judges and prosecutors all have their own unique personality. A charge that in one area might receive minimal attention and be treated as “minor,” may in another country or district be charged much more severely and prosecuted aggressively.

Just paying a ticket with some offenses may not be an option. A weekend in a jail cell or longer is a real possibility. We know the courts in this area, and we can plan your defense to respond to that reality.

How Fast Were You Going?

Most people recognize the severity of how drunk driving charges are treated. You know you need an attorney with those cases. But in Virginia, you may not realize that a speeding ticket can also result in a conviction that may be as severe as some DUIs.

Reckless driving is not merely driving wildly. If you were clocked at 20 mph over the posted speed limit or above 80 mph, you could be charged with reckless driving and face a fourth-degree misdemeanor. If you have a commercial driver’s license, a reckless driving or DUI charge can result in the loss of your license and your livelihood.

What About License Suspensions?

For charges like a DUI, keep in mind that there are two sets of problems you will face. There is the criminal charge of driving under the influence and there is the administrative charge known as an administrative license suspension. This hearing is held in district court, but is separate from any criminal charges.

A DUI arrest can also result in a longer license revocation. We can help you sort these issues out and answer any questions you may have. And keep in mind, your license may be suspended for too many points, failure to maintain insurance and even not paying child support. Our lawyers can help you address all these issues.

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