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Wills, Power Of Attorney And Estate Litigation

Everyone needs the basic estate documents like a will and powers of attorney. These documents help protect you, your family and your heirs in various circumstances. If you die or are incapacitated without these documents, it could create turmoil and conflict and waste assets from your estate.

A Last Will And Testament

A will instructs your executor and the court how to distribute your property. Without a will, any property of your estate will be subject to Virginia’s intestate succession law, which could produce an unexpected or unwanted outcome.

Even individuals with a minimal estate should have a will as it allows you to distribute your personal property, such as family heirlooms, jewelry, firearms, furniture or other items of significant sentimental value. Bitter family disputes can develop when more than one heir believe they were promised an item, and a will can help provide clear instructions.

Powers Of Attorney And Living Wills

These documents protect you if you are incapacitated and left unable to communicate. Most people dismiss this likelihood, but car accidents or strokes can afflict virtually anyone at any time. Properly drafted powers of attorney can ensure that someone has the authority to pay your bills and manage your affairs. Without them, your family may have to go to great expense obtaining this authority.

Living wills or advance health care directives are necessary to provide guidance to your family and your doctors regarding your wishes for your medical care.

Estate Litigation

When estate documents are lacking or invalid, estate disputes can become litigation. Our attorney is experienced with a wide range of issues that develop in these situations, and we can help resolve your disputes in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

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